About us

Our blog, American Community in France, is a one-stop resource for anyone wanting to learn more about life and the pursuit of happiness in the land of cheese, wine and endless paperwork! Our name says it all!

We are American.

Where can you find baking soda!?! Why does nobody pick up their dog’s poop!?! Where can you get a turkey for Thanksgiving or watch the game? Living in France as an American expatriate isn’t always easy for us Yankees. Even if you are able to speak the language, cultural differences abound, leaving many of us to wonder what on earth we were thinking when we boarded that plane. To help you out with some of the rough patches you may encounter, our knowledgeable contributors provide informative and practical articles on everything from legal issues to cooking conversions.

We are a Community.

One of our goals in creating this blog is to remind you that you are part of a large expatriate community. This means you are NEVER alone! While our reasons for making France our home are varied, we share one thing in common…we’ve all been “there.” Through your comments, testimonials and questions, you inform others and guide us as we try to bring you the most useful information.

We love (and sometimes dislike a little) France.

So there are things you miss from your life on the other side of the pond. We get it. Us too. But there are a lot of things we LOVE about France. There is absolutely no reason you can’t appreciate a good raclette and simultaneously profess a love for Mac & Cheese with mini-hotdogs. It’s the marriage of opposites that make the expatriate life so sweet… Our goal is to help you feel at home in your home away from home while keeping you informed of all that France has to offer.

This blog is part of My American Market, an online American grocery store, delivering American food products throughout France and Europe (list of countries here).