Americans in Toulouse (a.k.a AIT International Club)

Americans in Toulouse AITThe single most valuable resources available to American expatriates living in France are the numerous associations  whose mission it is to provide support, helpful advice, and a sense of community to both those trying to adjust to their new life abroad and to veteran expatriates who have decided to make France their permanent home. We got the chance to talk with a representative of one such group, Americans in Toulouse. Here’s what they had to say:

Who belongs to your support group?

AIT regroups English-speaking expatriates in Midi Pyrénées. The club welcomes families, couples and individuals of all nationalities living in or visiting the Toulouse area whatever their length of stay.

What is your mission?

AIT fosters friendships and offers support for anyone relocating to the Toulouse area through:

  • a guidebook, which contains a wealth of practical and up-to-date information for Newcomers to assimilate effectively into their new country of residence.
  • a web forum with members’ posts, with tips about the new country, city, language, culture, schools and jobs etc.
  • a monthly electronic newsletter
  • various meetings and events throughout the year: book club, Thanksgiving etc.

 When kind of events do you sponsor?

Our 4th of July BBQ is certainly one of our most popular events, but we try to organize several annual events to bring our members together.

How can we contact you?

You can visit our website

or email us directly at .


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