Aurélien Cottet with The American Clubs Newsletter

The American ClubsThe American Clubs Newsletter is a newsletter that reports most of the American Events taking place weekly in France. Aurélien Cottet, the founder of The American Clubs (TAC), was pleased to answer my questions about this venture.

Tell me about TAC—when was it founded, what are its missions ?

The TAC is the result of 4 years of editing all the American events I was aware of, in France, in one publication.
When I came back to France after living several years in the USA, I missed American culture. Every Sunday, I was planning my American events calendar according to the subject proposed by the different American Associations and Clubs in Paris. My friends started to ask me to forward them the information…and they forwarded it to their own friends who finally asked me to be on the mailing list. This one now has more than 5,000 people and continues to grow. This newsletter, finally, came from a personal need, shared by many people.

Its mission is to provide information on most of the American events organised in France each week. This central point helps people to organise their own week around conferences or evening interests.

How does one receive it? Does one have to pay?

For the past 5 years, I used a long Excel document of thousands of email addresses that was getting bigger each time someone asked me to add him/her on the mailing list. It was very artisanal and many of my readers expected more and more an organised newsletter with the possibility to receive it on a weekly or monthly basis… It was time to edit a more professional newsletter, with a real subscription form that automatically updates the mailing list. Subscribing is totally free and open to anyone who wants to receive information on American events organized in France.

How can an association/club or business get their event featured?

TAC was founded on the gathering of non profit and non political associations and clubs that have a link with the US, like the Alumni Associations or Le Cercle France Ameriques etc. Since September, I’ve opened the newsletter to events organized by businesses that have a link with the US and are looking for a visibility within the American community, like My American Market. Visibility can be achieved by sponsoring the newsletter, an advertisement insert or just an event posted among the association and clubs events.

All the associations and clubs recognize the use of such newsletters and every week or every few months, according to the number of events they organize, they send me their events to be listed in TAC. Then I edit each event to fit the same format, ready to be sent each Sunday evening.

How many readers have subscribe to TAC ?

We have nearly reached 5,500 readers after four years. Mainly our readership is 55% American, 40% French and 5% foreigners. The age repartition is about 15% under 30 years old, 60% between 30 to 55 years old and 25% above 55 years old.

This does not include those who aren’t on our mailing list who have received TAC via a subscriber.

What are your future plans ?

Our next steps will be a website with a dynamic calendar in which you will be able to view the events listed in the newsletter and find event according to your interest of the day, for example a conference on economics next month, or a key speaker on any kind of subject etc.

The website will also be an answer to the people who don’t necessarily want to subscribe to a newsletter with the fear of being spammed.

My goal is to have this website launched during the first semester of 2011.

Until then enjoy the last American events of 2010!

Aurelien Cottet American Clubs NewsletterIf you would like to learn more or subscribe to its American events newsletter, visit its website or contact Aurélien at: .

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