Easy Jello Shot Recipe


One of my fondest memories from the University of Florida were the crazy jello shots you found at almost every party you went to, easy to make, fun to drink, and found in almost every color  – of course, for us they were mostly Orange and Blue!!!! Go Gators!

I tried out Jell-O shots in France with some friends after discovering that My American Market sold Jello!!!  I thought it would be fun to see what the French thought of this staple university drink from the States. The verdict : most of them liked it, but some were grossed out by the texture…definitely funny to watch. I guess it takes a little getting used to.

So here’s the standard recipe for Jello Shots. You can use any liquor, I used vodka because I had Raspberry Jello, but you can get inventive and use Tequila with Lime Jello for Margarita Shots…I’m sure you get the idea.

Basic Vodka Jello Shots Recipe

Ingredients :

6 oz Jello
16 oz Boiling Water
6 oz Cold Water
10 oz Vodka
20 2oz Jello shot plastic cups or 40 1oz Jello shot plastic cups

Preparation :

1. Mix Jello mix with boiling water until dissolved.

Jell-O shots step 1

Step 1 : Get your supplies ready!

2. Add cold water and alcohol.

Jell-O shots step 2

Step 2 : Mix boiled water, Jell-O mix, cold water & vodka.

3. Pour mixture into cups. Careful not to spill any!

Jell-O shots

Step 3 : Pour mixture into jello shot cups.

4. Put jello cups into the fridge for at least 4 hours or until it freezes.

Jell-O shots Step 4

Step 4 : Lids on and refrigerate until party time!

Makes about 18-22 2 oz shots.

Hope you’ve been inspired to serve these entertaining treats at your next soirée!!!

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