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The Classic A&W Root Beer Float

For a sweet, refreshing treat straight from the States, nothing beats a good old-fashioned root beer float. But root beer isn’t the only soft drink with dessert potential. Here are some other soda float ideas that will help you beat the heat this summer!

Root Beer Float (a.k.a Black Cow or Brown Cow)

The classic root beer float is traditionally made with vanilla ice cream and root beer. The upscale version of it starts with approximately one ounce of chocolate syrup drizzled over several scoops of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass. Root Beer is added until the glass is full and the resulting foam rises above the top of the glass. The final touch is a topping of whipped cream and usually, a maraschino cherry. Another version uses chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla.

Snow White

The Snow White is made with 7 Up or Sprite and vanilla ice cream. The origins of this dessert are unknown, but it is found today in some Asian eateries. If you use Mountain Dew instead, it’s called a Snallygaster.

Snow White float

Coke float

Coca-Cola brand sodas and soft serve ice cream make a delicious alternative to the classic root beer float.

Coke Float or Vaca Preta

Purple cow

As exceptional as its name, a purple cow is vanilla ice cream added to purple grape soda.

Purple Cow

Boston cooler

A Boston cooler is typically composed of ginger ale and vanilla ice cream.

Boston Cooler float

Sherbet float

It’s also possible to make a float using any kind of sherbet (lime, orange, raspberry, or rainbow are the most popular) and ginger ale.

Sherbet float

Beer float

Lager beer can be substituted for the soft drink and combined with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a drier drink for the summer months.

Beer float



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    Alicia Shortt

    Old fashioned Rootbeer float without chocolate or whip cream for me please
    My husband likes ginger ale and Bryers orange Dreamsickle ice cream float.
    He does not care for Rootbeer at all.
    So I invented a ginger ale version since he loves it.
    The orange creamsickle ice cream is a perfect flavor combo with ginger ale.or so he says I haven’t tried it yet
    Praise Yahshua for sweet ideas!


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