Learn and Master French on Any Budget (yes, even for free !)

Bien-dire magazine and audio CD is published every two months for intermediate and advanced learners of Bien Dire MagazineFrench. It is available by single issues or as a subscription. Cultural insights, news, vocabulary, slang expressions… it’s all there. (Want to take a peek? Here are some sample articles from their website.) Each article is graded for difficulty and has keywords translated into English in “help” boxes at the bottom of the page.

6 Issue Subscription + 6 CDs (1 year)
Price: 99,00 €

Language Routes LogoLanguage Routes blog features weekly posts by Pascale who writes about the French language for non-native speakers. For example, new words added in the Petit Larousse, common abbreviations, popular expressions, etc… Also check out the post on learning French by speaking English.

Price: FREE!

TELL ME MORE by Auralog is the award-winning software for learning and speaking a foreign language. It’s an Tell Me More françaisinteractive language learning technology that immerses the learner in French. It truly addresses the need to master a language, as opposed to merely learning basic words and sentences. TELL ME MORE has already become the solution for over 7 million learners and thousands of companies and schools. Could it be your material of choice?

100-hour DVD-Rom
Price: 149,00 € (Free headset & shipping!)

Bien-Dire EssentialsThe Bien-dire Essentials range has 16 audio learning guides, each on a specific situation for living in France (shopping, travelling, social conversations) or skill (pronunciation, comprehension, etc…).

60-minute CD with transcription booklet
Price: 16,00 € (Buy 4, get free shipping)

Interactive exerciseswith audio, based on recent articles in Bien-dire magazine. You can listen to Interactive French Language Exercisesor read the article, then do the exercises to test your comprehension. The keywords are translated into English (scroll over and they pop up), so the exercises are useful for all levels of French-speakers.

Price: FREE!

Fluent French



5 French pronunciation tips from Fluent French. Free MP3s include the ‘French “R” Trick’, which according to David, publisher of Fluent French Audio, is the biggest key to making your French sound great. (And I’d have to agree.)

Price: FREE!

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