More Tips for Learning and Mastering the French Language

Learn French with TwitterLearning French on Twitter

Twitter can be a fun tool to learn some French for free. Start receiving daily tips and lessons with some of my favorite Twitter accounts!

New words to enrich your French vocabulary :


BBC Languages:

How the French really talk as taught by a 16 year old:

The fast-lane to learning French:


A tweetstream to help learners of French:

Strommen’s French Word a Day:

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Finally, I know that inviting French people over can be quite intimidating. Which wine(s)? How do I pick the right cheese? What will we talk about?… Especially given that “conversation” is as important as food for the French. I’m not much help on those first two questions, but I do have a tip for the last one.

Bien-dire has developed a series of audio learning guides for specific situations, including Social Conversations (making small talk), Se présenter (introducing yourself, asking appropriate questions and getting to know people), and Bon Appétit! for eating out and sharing meals in France. (I love this one.)

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